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LWZ is one of the most modern service companies in the field of brazing technology and heat treatment.
More than forty years of experience go into our realisation of your ideas.
Our customers appreciate our advice, flexibility, punctuality, and quality.


For us partnership means support that starts right from the first product idea.
You can rely on our expertise in the choice of material, brazing definition,
and design that is most compatible with brazing.

Welcome to LWZ

Which is why we are popular partners in the following fields:

Automotive  |  Heating/sanitary  |  Mechanical engineering  |  Electrical industry  |  Furniture  |  Hydraulic systems and much more


Brazing technology

Heat treatment

Production of
complete assemblies

Bending and shaping


What you can expect from us:


Technological advice

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Production (brazing / heat treatment)

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Production (machinery)

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