Flame brazing

flammloeten lwz

Using modern automated flame lines we braze your components, which can be made of copper, brass, steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. Depending on the application, soldering or brazing is carried out.

Soft soldering is carried out up to a temperature of < 450°C. Soft soldering is mostly carried out on parts made of copper and brass.

Brazing is carried out at temperatures which are > 450°C. Depending on the requirements, the components can be brazed using Gasflux®. In this way the components do not require pickling after the brazing process.

Fields of application:

• Automotive industry
• Heating and sanitary
• Refrigeration and air conditioning
• Electrical industry
• Hydraulics
• Fittings and apparatus construction
• Medical technology
• Mechanical engineering
• Furniture industry