Protective gas brazing in the continuous process

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Brazing mass-produced parts made of different materials with differing types of brazing types, depending on the field of application and requirements.

The brazing and high temperature brazing process using protective gas provides you with a solid, firmly-bonded joint. Brazing materials include copper, nickel, and silver solder.

In our continuous furnaces we braze stainless steel, steel, copper, and brass in protective gas.


The advantages are:

• Inexpensive brazing process for mass-produced parts
• Fluxless brazing
• The surfaces are metallically bright after brazing
• High strength brazing joints
• High degree of process security through recording of production data

Fields of application:

• Automotive industry
• Electrical industry
• Hydraulics
• Fittings and apparatus construction
• Medical technology
• Mechanical engineering
• Furniture industry